The Value of PR Can be Difficult to Quantify. Here’s Why it Matters.

1. You invent and create an innovative new product and decide to crowdfund your project online

2. You hire Buzztilt™ to give your campaign a jolt, drive traffic, and help take your campaign viral

3. We work hand in hand with you to learn all about your product and why it matters. What does your brand stand for and who is your customer? From there we set out to tell your story to the world


Every product and company stands for something. Here’s a secret: NIKE® doesn’t stand for shoes. What they represent is the celebration of athletic achievement. This ideal is represented in everything they do. Crafting the right story is important. We learn who you should be targeting, where your story will play best, and what audience will be most receptive through the marketing of your message.

4. We write and distribute your press release kit to thousands of outlets to share your story


We promote your campaign to thousands of reporters, media outlets, and potential backers. This not only helps your product and company gain credibility through cementing strong SEO search engine legitimacy, but also reassures potential backers who search for your product online when they see you listed everywhere. Receive write-ups and articles from blogs and news sites across the Internet. PR is a numbers game. More traffic = More pledges.

5. Personal outreach to hand selected reporters and media outlets directly related to your project with a receptive audience to your campaign and product


There’s a community out there who wants your product, they just don’t know about it yet. Through extensive personal outreach we ensure that your product gets in front of an audience and promoted where it plays best. Whether it’s an app, a horror B-film, a new design take on an old favorite, or a brand new clothing line- we’ve got you covered.

6. Trust and Transparency. Throughout the process we’ll keep you up to date on all your progress with detailed analytics and traffic reports


We’ve been on the other side where you’re at right now. With every client we strive to provide as much information as possible. We value your success as our success. When you win, we win. Providing the greatest customer service in the industry is at the core of who we are.